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Is BitNinja compatible with CentOS8?

As of the moment, BitNinja does not have an official repository for CentOS 8, however, we do have a package. In order to install it you need to modify a few things : modify the repo file as the following : nano /etc/yum.repos.d/There you need to modify the baseurl from baseurl=

CentOS 6 EOL – BitNinja update and install doesn’t work

CentOS 6 has reached the end of its lifetime on the 30th of November 2020. This means the operating system is no longer supported and the default repositories are no longer available. So you may run into this error message when trying to use yum to update your packages on your CentOS 6 server. ...

CAPTCHA page keeps popping up (EZOIC)

We have tested the issue. One of our developers made a website that uses Ezoic and put a PHP file that sends headers not to be cached and generates an ID and displays the current date and time. The server has only Apache installed.

BitNinja and Docker (or other dockerization solution)

We do not recommend to use BitNinja and Docker (or other solution) together as this method is not fully compatible with BitNinja. If for some reason it is inevitable to use it, then we highly recommend not to include BitNinja install script in the docker image.