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Error while downloading install script.

If the installation script cannot be downloaded for some reason, you will see one of the error messages below:
Error while downloading install script.
Error while downloading install script via http.
Error while downloading install script.


Check if the domain is available with the ping command.
If the domain is unavailable from the server, check if your current firewall might be blocking this connection. The issue might also occur if the DNS cannot be resolved.

Could not find suitable program to download the installation script...

If you see the Could not find suitable program to download the installation script. Please install either wget or curl. error message.


Issue one of the following commands below to install the program necessary to download the installation script.
apt install curl
yum install curl

apt install wget
yum install wget

Error during compatibility check

Missing packages/dependencies:

Dependency packages should be installed automatically after the BitNinja agent is installed.
If that would not happen for some reason, please check the instructions below.
Exit the compatibility check, install the missing package, and then resume installing the BitNinja agent.

Epel-release not found. Please install epel-release before installing BitNinja
Install command:
yum install epel-release

Executable [netstat] not found
Install command(s):
yum install net-tools
apt install net-tools

Iptables not found
Install command(s):
apt install iptables
yum install iptables-services

Ipset not found
Install command(s):
apt install ipset
yum install ipset

Incompatible packages found
In this case, exit the installation, uninstall the software and resume the installation of the BitNinja agent.

Imunify 360 is installed. Imunify 360 is redundant when using BitNinja.
service imunify360 stop or systemctl stop imunify360
bash --uninstall

Advanced Policy Firewall installed
apt-get remove apf-firewall

Other messages:
Port X is already in use
Check if the port is closed by your current firewall or what service is using the port. Connection test failed: connection timeout
No service runs on the port so the error message can be ignored.
Please proceed with the installation.

ConfigServer Firewall installed. ConfigServer Firewall is known to cause compatibility issues depending on configuration. Thorough testing is recommended.
Make sure to open all required ports in CSF on TCP for inbound and outbound traffic. Required ports list here.
And it is also highly recommended to set CSF to use ipsets instead of iptables for each Allow listed/or Blocklisted IP.

Error messages during the installation process

The installer needs root privileges to run. Please run the script as root.
Make sure to become a root user to run the installation command.
If you do not have root privileges, contact your server provide or sys admin to help with the installation or provide you with the required privileges.

an error occurred during the installation. Please, install apt-transport-https package manually
If your server uses the apt or apt-get command to manage packages, usually, Debian-based distributions such as Ubuntu or Debian:
apt-get -y install apt-transport-https
apt update

If your server is using yum instead of apt, follow the manual installation steps provided on the dashboard after selecting your OS.

an error occurred during the installation. Please, install dirmngr package manually
apt-get install dirmngr
yum install dirmngr

In case of any other error messages

Please try installing the BitNinja agent manually.
You can do that by following the steps provided on the dashboard at the bottom of this page.
Make sure to select the correct Linux distribution on the left side.

If the installation is still unsuccessful, do not hesitate to contact us via live chat directly from the dashboard or
via email: info@bitninja.o, or open a ticket at our ServiceDesk.

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