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The CAPTCHA page keeps popping up after you tried to edit your website. If you try to access from the same IP address you still get our CAPTCHA page.
We are facing the same Ezoic issue with a couple of other customers of ours, even if Ezoic says that they are not causing the issue, it only happens with customers who are using Ezoic. 

We have tested the issue. One of our developers made a website that uses Ezoic and put a PHP file that sends headers not to be cached and generates an ID and displays the current date and time. The server has only Apache installed.


Disable the “cache all” setting in the Ezoic settings to resolve the issue.

With this, we just would like to show that the issue might persist at Ezoic’s side, even though they are saying that they are not caching the content.
Please note that the IP address might be got challenge listed because of a false positive WAF catch.So, please contact your service provider with the issue, and ask them to disable the WAF rule that causes the issue.
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