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We have to allow listed the most trusted and popular services based on domains a long time ago to make sure our customers have the most secure yet smoothest experience while using BitNinja.
However, there were a few services that could not be allow listed based on IP addresses, as their list of IP addresses is not available, or their IP addresses are dynamic and cannot be tracked.
To resolve this issue we have enabled our users to allowlist services based on the domain name.

This feature is available in BitNinja 2.28.11 and newer versions.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Open the System module’s config file at /etc/bitninja/Shogun/config.ini
    e.g.: nano /etc/bitninja/Shogun/config.ini
  2. Add the domain of the service you wish to allowlist under [filters] to the domain-allowlist array.
    domain_allowlist[] = '' Make sure there is no semicolon in front of the freshly added line.
  3. Save the changes and exit the text editor.
    in nano ctrl+x and then press y and then press Enter
  4. Restart BitNinja so the changes take effect. You can do that with service bitninja restart

allow listing a domain also allowlists subdomains. e.g., is also allow listed if is allow listed.
You can check the domains that are allow listed globally on the documentation page under the IP reputation section.
Discord domains are not allow listed by default.
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