What is the difference between the manual and the one-line installation?

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Basically, the one-line installation runs the same commands that are included in the manual installation steps, but it makes it more convenient as it detects your server’s OS and also checks if the server is compatible with BitNinja.

If you use the one-line installation command shown above you do not need to select your server’s Linux distribution, the script will automatically detect it and proceed with the installation accordingly.

We recommend using the manual installation process if you experience any error during the installation with the one-line installation script.

If you decide to use the manual installation process you will need to select your OS at the bottom of the page and follow the instruction.

If you experience any issue with the manual installation process please don’t hesitate to contact us from the Dashboard via chat or send us an email to info@bitninja.io
If you get an error message about “curl not being found“ please check out the related article.
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