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While installing BitNinja there is an error message and the installation fails.

Let’s try the manual installation

If the one line installation does not work for some reason please try the manual installation process.

You can find the instructions at the bottom of the installation/add new server page. You just need to select the distribution of your server and follow the instructions. There are also instructions on how to install BitNinaj to WHM.

“curl not found”

  1. install curl on your server: on Debian and Ubuntu use: sudo apt-get install curl On CentOs and CloudLinux and Red Hat use yum install curl
  2. You can remove curl from the server If you would like to as BitNinja does not need it anymore.: on CentOs, CloudLinux and Red Hat use yum remove curl and on Debian and Ubuntu use sudo apt-get remove curl

“Error: The ___ package needs to be reinstalled but I can’t find an archive for it”

If you see the above error message
There was a package that’s installation failed before, so the OS won’t let you install packages
  1. Make a backup of the dpkg status file by issuing the following command
    cp /var/lib/dpkg/status status.bkp
  2. Now open the dpkg status file for editing with this command
    gedit /var/lib/dpkg/status
  3. Search for the package name that appears in the error.
    Its state is usually something like: “purge reinstreq half-installed”
  4. Delete the section of information related to that package and save the file.
  5. Now you can install the BitNinja without any issue.
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