I have to cancel my BitNinja subscription

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We are sorry to see you go. Please let us know what stands behind this decision.

Have you experienced any issue with BitNinja?

If you experience any issue with BitNinja or with the subscription PLEASE don’t hesitate to contact our support ninjas from the Dashboard via chat or by sending them an email to info@bitninja.io. We are here to help!

You will need to stop and uninstall BitNinja from the server first

  1. Use service bitninja stop command to stop BitNinja on the server
  2. To remove BitNinja you can use these commands:
    1. Debian based distribution: apt-get purge 'bitninja*'
    2. Rpm based distribution: yum remove 'bitninja*'
  3. Removing BitNinja from WHM:
    wget -qO- https://get.bitninja.io/bitninja-whm.tar.gz | tar -zx && ./bitninja-whm/uninstall
  4. Use the following command to remove SSL certificates:
    rm -R /opt/bitninja-ssl-termination
  5. Use the following command to remove the BitNinja logs folder:
    rm -R /var/log/bitninja

Then you can cancel your BitNinja subscription from the Dashboard

  1. Log in to your BitNinja Dashboard
  2. Click on the cog icon on the server’s box
  4. Fill out the cancelation survey.

After the health checking service registers that the BitNinja agent is unavailable on the server the box’s color will change to orange indicating the status change of the BitNinja agent (later it will change to red) and then you can delete the sever’s box from the Dashboard.

If you bought your BitNinja license from one of our resellers please contact them. As we have no authority to change or cancel the subscriptions that belong to our resellers.
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