How to use BitNinja with CDN or Proxy

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If You use any kind of CDN or Proxy service BitNinja will see the IP address of the CDN or proxy server only. This is because every request is coming from the CDN server. There is a module that lets BitNinja to see the real IP address behind the mentioned CDN or proxy servers.

We recommend enabling the WAF module, as the Trusted Proxy module was designed to work together with the WAF module. And it also provides great protection against hackers and bots.

After the X-Forwarded-For header or the Transparent proxy mode in the WAF module is set up you need to add the CDN Provider’s IP ranges from the Dashboard at the Trusted proxy menu point.

– You need to add a comment to the IP range(s) added to the Trusted proxy module
– You can add multiple IPv4 ranges by separating them with a comma and space

You need to set up the X-Forwarded-For header and enable the Trusted proxy module from the Dashboard and add your CDN provider’s IP ranges on the Dashboard.

Please make sure to allow/open the 60416 and 60417 ports on the server or on the firewall in front of the server (if there is one) as these ports are required by the TrustedProxy module.

If you experience redirection errors (e.g.: too many redirections) on your domains when BitNinja and Cloudflare are both enabled on the domain make sure to disable the WAF module of Cloudflare and set the SSL/TLS encryption mode in Cloudflare to Full.
In the X-Forwarded-For header

– If your server has multiple IP addresses enter the IP addresses separated by colon and space.
– If your server has a CIDR or multiple CIDR you can add them the same way with the prefixes included (IP address/X).
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