How to set up the WAF module

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Let’s enable the Full transparent proxy mode in the WAF module.

It’s a lot easier to set up than X-Forwarded-For

In the 2.17.0 and above BitNinja agent versions the WAF module can now work in a fully transparent mode. With the fully transparent mode enabled you don’t need to set up the X-Forwarded-For header even if you use a CDN or proxy.

Using the fully transparent mode might not work in some instances. In these cases, you need to set up the good old X-Forwarded-for header in your web server.

The WAF module is a great tool to protect your server from the botnets and from web-based attacks.
After you set up this module you will be protected against:

  • CMS vulnerability exploits
  • CMS plugin exploits
  • Cross-site scripting
  • SQL injections
  • PHP injections
  • Botnet attacks
  • And much more.
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