How to check if an IP is blocked by BitNinja

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You can check if an IP address is challenge listed or block listed or even if the country of the IP address is blocked.

Check outgoing connections for blocked IP address
You can check if your server is trying to connect to a challenge listed IP address with this command:
watch -n.1 "netstat -lntpa | grep -v bit"

You can just search for the IP address on the Dashboard to see if the IP address is challenge listed, block listed or the country is blocked where the IP address is located.

  1. Enter the IP address that you would like to check in to the search field at the top of your Dashboard
  1. You can see a summary of the IP address’ reputation
  1. If you see a -CHALLENGE LIST/-BLOCK LIST button then the IP address is on your account level challenge list or block list You can delist the Ip address from your account by clicking on this button.
Check if the Country is blocked on your account from the Block list menu under the Add countries or Add ASN Number as well

If you would like to check multiple IP addresses then you will need to do it via the CLI using a script.

  1. Create a file called iplist.txt and insert the Ip addresses you would like to check
    e.g.: nano iplist.txt and paste the IP addresses and then press ctrl+ x then y then enter
  2. Make a file called and paste the text below into it
    e.g.: nano
touch  ResultOfChecking.txt
while read line; do echo $line > /dev/null;
        for set in $(ipset -L -n)
                ipset test $set $line
                if [ $? = 0 ]
                         then echo $line is blocked by $set >> ResultOfChecking.txt
         done &> /dev/null
done < $1
echo "Done! Please open ResultOfChecking.txt"
  1. Issue the command chmod +x so it will be executable
  2. Run the command and pass the iplist.txt file as a parameter to it with ./ iplist.txt
  3. Open the result file with cat ResultOfChecking.txt

Now you can see whether the IP is being blocked by BitNinja or not.

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