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The email you received

In case of the first failed payment, the BitNinja license is not deactivated right away.

The system sends out an automatic email to the address linked to your BitNinja account where the automatic charge has failed. This email includes the system message from our payment manager system to help you resolve the issue.

Please read the payment management system’s message carefully.
These issues usually require our customers to contact their bank to be resolved.

If you need help or you have any questions

Do not hesitate to contact us If you need time to contact your bank or to resolve the issue with the payment method or if you have any questions.
You can reach us via email at
You can also send us a ticket here.
Or send us a message from the Dashboard’s chat widget.

The license will be deactivated if:

  • The system will try to charge your card 8 times in total.
  • In the next 5 days after the first failed charge, there will be 5 more attempts to charge your card. Every day at 15:00 CET
  • If the 5th charge fails the system will inactivate the licenses that are unpaid.
    • This means your servers’ protection is offline and your server might be a victim of a hacker attack.

The subscription will be canceled if:

  • The payment system will try 5 more times. If any of the next charges are successful the system will activate the server’s protection
  • The payment manager will attempt to charge the card again every Wednesday at 15:00 CET.
    • If one of the charge attempts is successful the affected licenses will be reactivated automatically
  • If the 8th charge attempt fails the affected subscription will be canceled and the system will not try again.
At the moment the system can attempt charges automatically only. There is no option for us to charge your card manually yet.

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