Exporting the account-level allow list

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You can check what IP addresses are included in your account level Allow list from the dashboard.

The global allowlisted IP addresses can be collected via a command. To get a list of the globally allow listed IP addresses issue:
ipset list heimdall-whitelist-net

If you add -resolve at the end the server will try to look up the rev DNS of the IP address.ipset list heimdall-whitelist-net -resolve

To export the list to a file simply add >>FileName.txt after the commandipset list heimdall-whitelist-net >>FileName.txt

Account-level Allow list

To check the IP addresses added to your account level allow list

Open the Firewall/Allow list menu point on the Dashboard

  • Here you can search for the IP addresses.
  • You can see a comment about the IP address and why it was allow listed on the account.

Exporting the account-level Allow list

You can also get the whole account-level Allow list with: ipset list heimdall-user-whitelist
To export the list to a file simply add >>FileName.txt after the command
ipset list heimdall-user-whitelist >>FileName.txt

To save all IP ranges that are allow listed copy the commend from this video:

You can see the prefixes after the IP addresses separated with a slash.If the prefix is 32 then the IP Range only contains one IP.
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