The scheduled Malware scan didn’t start on the server

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Let’s check

You can check if the scheduled malware scan was complete or not in the /var/log/bitninja/mod.malware_scanner.log files‘ date of creation or the timestamps in the log file.

What’s the issue

If you scheduled a Malware scan form the Dashboard on your server but the Malware scan did not start after the selected period of time then it can be due to a temporal network issue which prevented the data being sent to your server.


You can try and turn the scheduled Malware scan off and on again. You can also check the Malware detection module config file if the feature is enabled in the agent.

  1. Open /etc/bitninja/MalwareScanner/config.ini with your preferred text editor.
    e.g.: in case of nano use nano /etc/bitninja/MalwareScanner/config.ini
  2. Find this variable: schedule_between_scans=-1 and change the value to a positive number of days you would prefer between the scheduled malware scans
    e.g.: if you prefer 15 days between the scheduled scans: schedule_between_scans=15
  3. Save the changes and exit the text editor.
    e.g.: in nano text editor press ctrl + x and then press y and then hit enter
  4. Restart BitNinja with service bitninja restart
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