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By default, the debug mode is disabled in BitNinja. If you wish to enable it you might need to make some modifications in /opt/bitninja/etc/config.php . However, this is a temporary solution as this will be overwritten with every update.

The Debug Mode has 3 types of output : Console, API, File. We recommend to use the File output as it is the most readable and you can save it for later if needed.

If you wish to set up the debug mode in BitNinja:

  1. Establish SSH connection to your server with a root permission
  2. Open the /opt/bitninja/etc/config.php with your preferred text editor
    e.g.: nano /opt/bitninja/etc/config.php
  3. Find the name of the module int he text
    1. in nano you can use Ctrl+w and then enter the corresponding logfile’s name usually they start with “mod. ” e.g.: mod.malware_detection.log
  4. Modify the ‘levels' => 'warning,error,info’, line to 'levels' => 'warning,error,info,debug,trace '
  5. Also, modify the 'filename' => line to 'filename' => '/var/log/bitninja/customfilename.log',
  1. Save the changes and exit the text editor
    in nano press ctrl+x then press y then enter

Then you will have a log file with all the output of the module you wish to use in debug mode.

  1. Restart BitNinja with service bitninja restart command  

You can copy and paste the commands from the below video.

If you used 'filename' => '/var/log/bitninja/customfilename.log' in the log then you can find the output of the module at /var/log/bitninja/customfilename.log
You can use tail -f /var/log/bitninja/customfilename.log to see the output of the module continuously.
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