No catches on the Dashboard.

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There are no catches on the Dashboard after BitNinja was installed.

We need to check what causes the issue.

  1. Check if BitNinja is running on the server with service bitninja status
    If it says: inactive (dead) then please issue service bitninja start
  2. If Bitninja is running on the server make sure the ports below are open on the server also on the firewalls if you use any.
If BitNinja can not be started, check out this guide: BitNinja stopped on the server
ProtocolPortBitNinja module(s)
TCP60412CaptchaHttp, CaptchaSmtp
TCP60413, 60418*CaptchaHttps
TCP60210CaptchaFtp (active)
TCP60211-60250CaptchaFtp (passive)
TCP60300, 60110WAF HTTP
TCP60414, 60415SslTerminating
TCP60416TrustedProxy HTTP
TCP60417TrustedProxy HTTPS
*Port 60418 is only required for the CaptchaHttps service if you are using cPanel/WHM. Otherwise, it’s not required.
  1. Check if the server meets the minimum hardware requirements
  • system requirements:
    • RAM: 1024 M
    • Single-core CPU
    • Storage: 1024 M
    • Internet access
Send us a ticket

If your server meets all the requirements and BitNinja is running but you still do not find any catches on your dashboard under the Incidents page do not hesitate to send us a ticket.

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