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First of all, we are sorry for the inconvenience. This is usually caused by rule being triggered false-positively during the page editing process. And can be solved by disabling the rule that was false positively triggered on the domain or by allow listing the IP. The best we can recommend is to contact your hosting provider to disable the rule or they can add the IP address to the Allow list.

If your IP address gets blocked by BitNinja you can see this CAPTCHA page.

It has three purposes:

  • Lets you know what blocked your IP address
  • You can see the IP address that has been blocked
  • By solving the CAPTCHA you can delist your IP address.

You can delist your IP address by clicking in the “I am not a robot“ box and then click on delist under that. Solving picture selection challenges might be necessary.

  1. Check if the server is infected, run a malware scan
  2. There might be a software setting that might be caused the issue
    Check whether multiple connections are established simultaneously by
    a software
    Is there any crawler or bot using this IP address?
  3. Your account might be hacked so please change your password
If you still get this page again after you delisted your IP address via the CAPTCHA page please contact your server hosting provider.

They will need your IP address to check what causes the issue and they can make the necessary adjustments. Our support ninjas doesn’t have permission to modify our customer’s settings or account level reputation lists (Challenge list, Block list, Allow list).
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