I don’t use CDN or Proxy, what now?

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If you do not use any kind of CDN service, then there is no need to enable Trusted Proxies module, Transparent proxy is sufficient for WAF 2.0 to work properly.

  1. To enable this feature you will need to edit the WafManager’s config file which you can find here: /etc/bitninja/WAFManager/config.ini 
  2. You need to find [redirect_options] and under that, you will need to delete the semicolon from the beginning of the ;redirection_mode = ‘transparent’ line.
  3. After that, you just need to restart the BitNinja agent with service bitninja restart command.
The Transparent proxy mode of WAF is not compatible with CloudLinux.

In case your server is running CloudLinux do not set up the Transparent Proxy module as it might cause issues.
If you use CloudLinux on your server you will need to set up the X-Forwarded-For header. You can find the instructions here: I use CDN or Proxy, what now?
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