How to regenerate SSL certifications

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If there is an issue with the SSL termination module like it does not find the right certification,

All you need is to regenerate the certs. Just simply run the following commands one by one : 

You can copy the commands from the video
  1. rm -f /opt/bitninja-ssl-termination/etc/haproxy/certs/*
  2. rm -f /opt/bitninja-ssl-termination/etc/haproxy/cert-list.lst
  3. rm -f /opt/bitninja-ssl-termination/etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg
  4. bitninjacli --module=SslTerminating --regenerate
  5. bitninjacli --module=SslTerminating --reload
How long does it take for BitNinja to detect SSL certs?

It usually takes 8-10 minutes to detect a newly installed SSL certificate. You can recollect the certs as shown above or you can restart BitNinja with
service bitninja restart

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