How to check if the Malware scan is running

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Check the Dashboard

You can check the malware scans in progress on the servers under the Anti-Malware/ Scan Settings point and by and selecting the server at the top right. You can see the Malware scans in progress at the bottom of the page.

No progress on the Dashboard

The progress bar on the Malware scanner menu point might seem to stand still because it changes only if it finished scanning a directory.

Check the logs

You can check if the Malware scanner is running via the BitNinja CLI.
Use this commend below:
tail -f /var/log/bitninja/mod.malware_detection.log

Stop the malware scan

If you would like to stop the Malware scan in progress you can do it from the Dashboard by clicking on the cancel button next to the progress bar of the Malware scan

You can also cancel the Malware scan from the CLI as well With this command:
bitninjacli --module=MalwareScanner --cancel
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