BitNinja stopped on the server

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The server’s box is red or yellow on the Dashboard.

This means that the BitNinja health checking service could not reach BitNinja on the server

Check if BitNinja is running

We need to check if BitNinja is running on the server with service bitninja status command

BitNinja is running on the server

  1. Check if all ports below are open on the server or on the firewall in front of the sever in both directions.
ProtocolPortBitNinja module(s)
CaptchaHttp, CaptchaSmtp
TCP60413, 60418*CaptchaHttps
TCP60210CaptchaFtp (active)
TCP60211-60250CaptchaFtp (passive)
TCP60300, 60110WAF HTTP
TCP60414, 60415SslTerminating
TCP60416TrustedProxy HTTP
TCP60417TrustedProxy HTTPS
*Port 60418 is only required for the CaptchaHttps service if you are using cPanel/WHM. Otherwise, it’s not required.
  1. Allow/open these ports on your firewall or on your server

The server’s box should be back to normal within a few minutes

If the server is still not available please don’t hesitate to contact our support ninjas from the Dashboard via chat or via email at

BitNinja is NOT running on the server

  1. Issue service bitninja start command on the server
  2. Check if the server’s box is back to normal after a few minutes
    If not, issue service bitninja status command to check if the agent is still running on the server
    If it BitNinja is running but the server’s box is still orange or red (probably red) please refer to the previous point “BitNinja is running on the server“
If BitNinja stops after you started the agent with the service bitninja start command please send the /var/log/bitninja/error.log and /var/log/bitninja/main.log file to our support ninjas via chat from the Dashboard via chat or via email to

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